Piacenza 系列

Piacenza 訂製作品 - Mr.Edison Suit 愛迪生訂製西服
The Lanificio Fratelli Piacenza has survived economic crises, wars, occupations and fires, alternating with periods of revival and of rampant optimism, while the family’s solidity, enterprise and courage have always ensured that it plays a leading role. The Piacenza family has shown a consistent, farsighted ability to ride the crest of the wave of its times, occupying the spotlight both industrially and politically, opening a shop in Turin when the French occupation had made the mill lose markets and workers, studying and adopting innovative methods from abroad, being the first in Italy to produce patterned fabrics during the period of the Italian Wars of Independence, discovering and importing a series of noble fibres, gaining the acknowledgement and support of such important politicians as Count Cavour and, above all, creating new markets for their fabrics in France, Belgium, England, Switzerland, the Americas, the Indies and other Asian countries in Felice’s days. Without forgetting finding new stimuli to revive the company after the great depression in the thirties and again after the Second World War. Some members of the family have held important public offices: Giovanni Battista served as President of the Turin Court of Appeal and contributed to drawing up the Civil Code, while Giuseppe Battista was the King’s first civic architect and a member of the Turin Academy. Others have brought innovation to the company, giving it a new lease of life after dark days, always driven by their love of quality and of nature.